My Ex Goes Out of Their Way to Bother Myself. How Does The Guy Operate That Way?

Reader matter:

My ex-boyfriend broke up with me but wouldn’t normally go significantly more than five to seven days before however call or content me personally. He would generally begin texting while he ended up being drunk, saying he was “very sorry.” Whenever I learned he had been with another woman, yet in touch with me personally, we cut all communication.

The ex with his woman go out of their way to do something very caring around me, yet I have been informed they continuously battle in public when I am not about. The ex has actually even eliminated so far as to give me personally somewhat shove from behind and stated he don’t recognize it was myself.

How come my personal ex doing this? How does the guy act because of this when HE dumped me personally? What do i really do to create him end and simply move forward?

-Kristin (Wisconsin)

Dr. Wendy Walsh’s Answer:

The actual question for you is “exactly why did he split along with you?” ended up being he using it as an influence to get something else entirely from you? There is no doubt he’s nonetheless attached with you, but their intoxicated messages and general public exhibits designed to ask your envious interest are an unhealthy replacemeet samoan ment for honest dialogue.

If you enjoy him and believe there is certainly nevertheless some thing truth be told there, call him and address all his behavior. If he nevertheless says he’d like to remain separated, then you are right to not get their calls, prevent him publicly, and move on. The guy doesn’t know what he wants.

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